Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect
Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect

Panda Hearing Aids SyncConnect

Sale price$199.00 USD

  • Advanced digital chip for a stable connection and wider signal range
  • Bluetooth functionality for answering calls and streaming music
  • HD sound quality for crystal-clear audio
  • Noise reduction technology to filter out background noise
  • Easy charge and portable design with magnetic adsorption
  • 2 hours charging time, 48 hours working time, and 80 hours battery life
  • Ergonomic fit for superior comfort
  • LED display charging case for battery level indication
  • Magnetic contact for secure and effortless charging

Introducing the Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect, the revolutionary solution for crystal-clear sound and enhanced hearing experience. These advanced digital hearing aids feature an innovative smart chip, providing a stable connection and wider signal range for seamless communication. With 35dB amplification, these hearing aids ensure that you don't miss a single word or nuance in any environment. The noise reduction technology filters out background noise, allowing you to focus on the sounds that matter most.

Say goodbye to the days of removing your hearing aids to answer phone calls or enjoy music. The Bluetooth functionality enables effortless connectivity, allowing you to answer calls and stream music directly to your ears. The intuitive controls and seamless transition between audio sources ensure a hassle-free experience.

Experience superior comfort with the ergonomic design that fits snugly in your ears, even during extended wear. The sleek and discreet design ensures confidence in any setting, while the durability ensures long-lasting performance even with daily use.

The Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect has garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers. They have reported a 50% enhanced audio quality, thanks to the advanced technology that delivers crystal-clear sound and minimizes background noise. The Bluetooth connectivity has been a game-changer, allowing users to stay connected and enjoy their favorite music and calls without any hassle. The charging case with LED display and magnetic contact ensures that the hearing aids are always protected and ready to use.

Don't miss out on the joys of life due to hearing loss. Join the countless individuals who have transformed their hearing experience with the Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect. Get ready to rediscover the world of sound and connect with the ones you love.

Best value for its cost Shipping directly from our US warehouse Secure Payment
Best value for its cost Shipping directly from our US warehouse Secure Payment

Don't miss out on precious family moments. With the Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect, create lasting bonds and treasured memories.

Affordable pricing for people with mild to moderate hearing loss (26dB- 55dB)

Hear what matters

The Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect are devices that enhance speech sounds and minimize background noise, providing better clarity and comfort in noisy environments. They also have advanced technology that reduces wind noise for clearer hearing outside.

Moreover, these hearing aids offer four different working modes to choose from: Standard Mode, Noise Cancellation Mode, Meeting Mode, and Outdoor Mode. You can adjust these modes by pressing and holding the + or - buttons.

Award winning

Charging case

Designed with convenience in mind, these hearing aids are easy to charge and portable. The magnetic adsorption design and included rope make it easy to carry them wherever you go. With just 2 hours of charging time, you can enjoy up to 48 hours of working time and an impressive 80 hours of battery life.

Never miss a word

Wide Dynamic Range Sound Compression (WDRC) Technology. Powered by updated DSP chip and 16-channel multi-core processor chips, Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect are equipped with wide range sound compression technology, which makes soft sounds audible and, at the same time, keeps loud sounds from being too harsh like most other low-end hearing aids.

Designed to be simple

Long press on / off It has 4 levels volume to adjust. Just click the button to adjust the volume of different gears.

How hearing better leads to living better


Hearing better helps keep our minds attentive and sharp.


Hearing better helps us maintain an active lifestyle.


Hearing better helps keep us connected to loved ones.


Hearing better makes everyday life easier.

top-of-the-line product that has been certified to meet the highest quality and safety standards.


Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect have undergone rigorous testing and received certifications for FCC, ROHS, CE, and EMC, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards in terms of electromagnetic interference, environmental protection, and consumer safety. You can trust that our product has been thoroughly tested to meet and exceed industry standards, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy better hearing. With Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect, you don't have to compromise on quality or safety.

Press Mentions


Panda® Hearing Aids SyncConnect: Revolutionizing Audio Quality, Connectivity, and Convenience

"I never knew how much I was not hearing until I got pandahearing aids."

— Benjamin R (Washington)


Customers in the USA can expect to receive their order from our US warehouse within 3 business days of placing it.

Please refer to our shipping policy page for information on shipping to destinations outside of the USA.

We include earbuds in 3 different sizes with each hearing device allowing 99% of customers to get the perfect and comfortable fit.

When purchasing hearing aids from retail stores, the selection is limited to a few large global brands and prices are often marked up by as much as 1500%. The reason for this could be that manufacturers are adding unnecessary features to the hearing aids to drive up their cost.

Additionally, government regulations make it difficult for audiologists to provide their patients with the best care and treatment. As a result, audiologists are compelled to sell hearing aids at a higher price in order to cover their expenses.

At our company, we sell our hearing devices online and work directly with top hearing aid manufacturers using state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to keep our overhead costs low and pass on the savings directly to you.

  • Hearing device x1
  • Charging case x1
  • Earplugs x3
  • USB Cable x1
  • Cleaning Brush x1
  • Instruction Manual x1

Panda® SyncConncect is configured for the most common types of hearing loss and works for the majority of customers right out of the box. Panda® SyncConncect enhances voices, music, and TV effortlessly, no hearing test required. It is pre-set for common hearing losses, fitting most users immediately, and is easily personalized. On the other hand, our high-end Panda Quantum and Panda Pro models feature a self-hearing test, allowing a 15-minute home assessment. This function tailors the aids to your hearing, adjusting frequencies and dB levels for a customized, clear sound.

Yes, we are proud to inform you that two of our premier products, Panda® Hearing Aids Pro and Panda® Hearing Aids Quantum, have received FDA approval. This signifies that these products have met the strict safety, effectiveness, and quality standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While not all our products are FDA-approved, we want to assure you that our entire range is designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability. They are widely recognized and well-received globally, adhering to rigorous quality controls and meeting international standards of excellence. Our commitment to your auditory health is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail and the high-quality materials used in all our products, ensuring a dependable and effective hearing solution for everyone.

Panda Hearing was established to address the issue of insurance companies not covering hearing aids, leaving hard-working Americans with limited options. We offer high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices so that everyone can afford to purchase a pair. In fact, our prices are so reasonable that they won't be a burden on anyone's budget.

Definitely! Our hearing aids are designed to mitigate tinnitus by overlaying the internal ringing with other sounds.

We are confident that our hearing aid will be an absolute life-changer for you. However if you are not satisfied let us know, we have a 45-days money-back return policy.


We are proud to offer free shipping for all orders.